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Bunions are an unsightly and uncomfortable complication of faulty foot mechanics and tight shoes. Conservative and surgical treatments for bunions are available from podiatrist and foot surgeon, Christopher O. Cook, DPM, FACFAS. At San Juan Foot and Ankle Center in Montrose and Delta, Colorado, Dr. Cook offers comprehensive care to give you relief. Schedule a visit online or by calling the office now to get started.

Bunions Q & A

What are bunions?

Bunions are alignment changes in the bones of your feet that cause a bump — on the side of either your big or little toe. While bunions can ruin the appearance of your feet, they can also cause deformities of the small bones in your feet, resulting in permanent damage and discomfort.

Bunions begin when your big or little toes are pushed inward towards your other toes. Over time, your toes are pushed closer together and the side of your foot bulges outward. It becomes difficult to straighten your toes, and you may develop calluses or redness and swelling on the sides of your feet.

What causes bunions?

Bunions are primarily caused by an inherited structural dysfunction of your foot. This predisposes you to developing bunions — especially if you wear tight shoes or shoes with pointed toes. You can also develop bunions sooner in life if you tend to wear shoes that put pressure on your toes and push them toward the center of your foot.

While most bunions are seen on the big toe, you can also experience a tailor’s bunion on your fifth toe. Tailor’s bunions tend to be smaller in size and are also the result of inherited structural dysfunction. Wearing tight shoes that rub over the fifth toe can aggravate the condition and may even cause a bone spur to form.

How are bunions treated?

Based on your exam and X-rays, your doctors determine the severity of your bunion and the best course of treatment for you. In most cases, Dr. Cook aim to provide conservative treatment before recommending surgery.

Conservative treatment aims to reduce the pain and discomfort of bunions, though it typically can’t reverse a bunion. In addition to changing your footwear, your doctors may also recommend specialized padding or orthotics to reduce the pressure from your shoes rubbing on your bunion. Ice and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications can also help relieve the associated pain and swelling.

In severe cases of deformity, your doctors may recommend surgical correction of your bunion. There are many different types of surgeries for bunions, and your doctors will help you determine which option is best based on your exams, X-rays, and lifestyle.

Bunion treatment doesn’t have to be scary. With reliable and compassionate care from Dr. Cook at San Juan Foot and Ankle Center, you can get the help you need. Call or schedule your visit online now.

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