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Diabetes affects 30 million Americans, and some of the most common side effects are foot problems. For effective diabetic foot care to prevent and treat foot injuries, visit San Juan Foot and Ankle Center in Montrose and Delta, Colorado. Podiatrists and foot surgeon, Christopher O. Cook, DPM, FACFAS, offers comprehensive and caring diabetic foot treatment. Call or schedule an appointment online today to get your feet checked.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

What types of foot problems can diabetes cause?

Without proper regulation of blood sugar levels, diabetes can cause wounds, open sores, ulcers, and loss of sensation in your feet. Excess glucose in your blood causes irritation and inflammation to the blood vessels and nerves in your feet, making you more susceptible to foot injuries. These injuries include:

  • Wounds and foot ulcers that don’t heal
  • Foot infections, including gangrene
  • Painful blisters that don’t heal
  • Infected ingrown toenails

Diabetic neuropathy is another long-term consequence of diabetes in which you lose sensation in your feet, including your ability to feel pain and temperature changes. This can cause more foot problems since you cannot feel the pain of a cut, sore, or blister. In severe cases of uncontrolled diabetes or poor diabetic foot care, you may require an amputation.

What does diabetic foot care involve?

Diabetic foot care is a combination of at-home care and podiatrist exams to prevent injuries and provide treatment to support healing, if injuries do occur. At-home diabetic foot care includes:

  • Inspecting your feet daily
  • Gently bathing your feet in lukewarm water daily
  • Moisturizing your feet, but not between your toes
  • Cutting your nails carefully to avoid ingrown toenails
  • Wearing clean, dry socks and change them daily
  • Checking your shoes for rocks and pebbles before putting them on
  • Keeping your feet warm and dry – especially in rain and snow
  • Never walking barefoot

Getting regular foot exams from Dr. Cook is another step you can take to ensure your feet remain healthy and injury-free. Both surgeons offer comprehensive treatment of corns, calluses, and ingrown toenails so you can get effective, safe care to help your feet heal.

What foot-related complications can occur with diabetes?

Since diabetes causes nerve damage and poor circulation, it is essential to get regular foot care at San Juan Foot and Ankle Center to reduce your risk of complications. Common complications of diabetes include:

  • Infections and ulcers that don’t heal
  • Corns and calluses from shoes that don’t fit properly
  • Dry, cracked skin
  • Nail disorders
  • Hammertoes and bunions
  • Charcot foot
  • Poor blood flow that may lead to gangrene or tissue death

In severe cases, there may be a need to protect your healthy tissue from an infection or other foot complication, and an amputation may be recommended. Dr. Cook provides thorough and effective care to prevent and treat all diabetes-related foot complications and reduce your need for an amputation.

Protect your feet and your health with diabetic foot care at San Juan Foot and Ankle Center. Call or schedule an appointment online now.

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